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The 3rd China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo ("the Expo"), organized by Beijing Capital Group Exhibitions & Events, concluded successfully in Changsha on July 2. Themed "For Common Development and Shared Future," the Expo gained global attention and achieved remarkable outcomes. It brought together 53 African countries with diplomatic relations with China, 12 international organizations, 30 domestic provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities, as well as over 1,700 China-Africa enterprises, business associations, and financial institutions. The event was attended by nearly 130 ministerial-level officials, ambassadors, and heads of international organizations from African countries, along with 1,700 foreign visitors and 1,700 domestic visitors. This edition of the Expo was the largest to date, with the main exhibition hall covering an area of 100,000 square meters, an increase of nearly 30,000 square meters from the previous session, and showcasing the largest display area ever. The exhibition featured nearly 1,600 categories of commodities from 29 African countries, witnessing a 166% increase from the previous session. The number of exhibitors reached 1,500, a 70% rise from the previous session, hitting an all-time record; the number of attendees exceeded 100,000, including record-breaking 9,000 purchasers and professional visitors. Furthermore, the Expo facilitated the signing of a total of 120 projects worth $10.3 billion. Additionally, 99 cooperation projects worth $8.7 billion were unveiled during the event, further emphasizing its unprecedented significance.

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