An online promotion event of China International Fair for Trade in Services for ASIA-PACIFIC countries was held in 2022

The 2022 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS) online promotion event for Asia-Pacific countries was successfully held on June 24. The event was hosted by Beijing International Service Trade Affairs Center and organized by Capital Exhibition Group of Beijing North Star Company Limited. 126 representatives from government agencies, business associations and enterprises from 17 Asia-Pacific countries and regions attended the event.

  • 2022.07.07

    Qingdao International Convention Center successfully guaranteed the third Qingdao Summit of Multinational corporation Leaders

    On June 21, the third Qingdao Summit of Multinational Corporation leaders was successfully concluded in Qingdao International Convention Center, the entrusted venue of Capital Exhibition group. The summit will host 41 events in 14 categories, 35 of which will be held during the summit. Leaders from 186 Fortune 500 companies and 290 industry leaders gathered together, with more than 5,600 attendees online and offline.

  • 2021.05.14

    Haikou Beijing North Star Mansion was awarded the Outstanding Case of Smart Community in the 3rd China Smart Family Summit Forum

    Digital intelligence empowers, innovation leads. Recently, sponsored by China Electronic Technology Standardization Institute, China Smart Home Ecological Alliance, China Mobile Smart Home Cooperation Alliance, National Audio and Video Standards Committee (SAC/TC242), China Power Jinwang IOT Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., The 3rd China Smart Home Summit Forum, co-organized by the Artificial Intelligence Technology and Industrial Application Committee of the Chinese Society of Automation and other units, was successfully held in Shenzhen.

  • 2021.05.14

    Beijing·Pinggu World Leisure Conference was successfully held in Jinhai Lake International Convention and Exhibition Center

    Recently, the Beijing Pinggu World Leisure Conference was unveiled at the Pinggu Jinhai Lake International Convention and Exhibition Center. During this period, the Convention and Exhibition Center successfully completed the reception services for the opening and closing ceremonies of the conference, the main forum and other related activities, and demonstrated the brand strength with professionalism, which greatly enhanced the brand attraction and influence of the Convention and Exhibition Center and Beijing North Star Exhibition.

  • 2021.05.14

    The first show of the 2021 Wedding Expo evening ended successfully at the National Convention Center

    The 2021 China (Beijing) Wedding Expo was successfully held at the National Convention Center at the end of April, with a total exhibition area of 36,500 square meters. This wedding expo is different from the previous one. The daily passenger flow reached 20,000 and the peak time exceeded 30,000. In order to meet the needs of end customers of the wedding expo and stimulate the consumption economy, the organizers made every effort to create a “brilliant night”. "" as the theme of the evening event, extended the exhibition time to 9:30 in the evening. The "Convention Night Economy" was launched for the first time, with remarkable results, and the flow of exhibitors increased by nearly 25% compared with previous years.

  • 2021.05.14

    Create a sports-themed community, form a characteristic real estate brand

    In order to further promote the refined management of the product design of the real estate group, build a better living environment space, use the sports and health theme community as the starting point, create a characteristic real estate brand, and establish the corporate core cultural IP image, the product management center of the real estate group headquarters recently, Officially released the research and development results of the "Guidelines for Standardized Landscape Design of Residential Products of Beijing North Star Real Estate Group".

  • 2021.05.14

    The company held the first quarter operation business conference

    On April 29, the company held a special meeting on business operations in the first quarter to summarize and sort out the overall business situation in the first quarter, and to study and deploy the focus of the next operation. The meeting was chaired by Li Weidong, secretary of the company's party committee and chairman.

  • 2021.05.03

    The first Beijing International Cleaning and Maintenance Exhibition was successfully held at the National Convention Center

    On April 19, the first "Beijing International Cleaning and Maintenance Exhibition" (INTERCLEAN CHINA for short) kicked off at the Beijing National Convention Center. INTERCLEAN is the largest exhibition in the global cleaning industry and has been held for more than 50 years. This INTERCLEAN CHINA exhibition is co-sponsored by the Beijing Branch of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, the Amsterdam RAI International Exhibition Group and Beijing Beichen Exhibition Group Co., Ltd., and undertaken by Beijing International Exhibition Center Co., Ltd. and Rui Ang Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., with a total area More than 300 well-known domestic and foreign brands from the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, Spain, Singapore, Sweden and China will participate in the exhibition, covering 18,000 square meters. Many overseas well-known brands and local brands in the industry bring the latest The products were unveiled in full costume, and this exhibition will last until April 21.

  • 2021.02.04

    Changsha North Star was awarded the top ten development strength enterprises and excellent quality real estate in the "Xiaoxiang Real Estate Billboard" for five consecutive years

    On January 19, 2021, the Hunan Province 2020 "Xiaoxiang Real Estate Billboard" evaluation activity organized by the Hunan Real Estate Association was held in Changsha. Changsha North Star won the "Development Strength" in this "Xiaoxiang Real Estate Billboard" evaluation activity. This is the fifth time that Changsha North Star has won this honor since the launch of the event.

  • 2021.02.04

    Haikou North Star Mansion's first centralized delivery was successfully completed

    At the beginning of the new year, North Star Real Estate's first work in Hainan, Haikou North Star Mansion, ushered in its first delivery. The delivery of B6902 plots 1 and 2 buildings, a total of 193 houses, are all hard-covered delivery. During the centralized delivery period, the rate of visits to the house was 93%, which not only won wide acclaim from Haikou home buyers, but also presented the ideal community built by North Star with ingenuity and service characteristics.

  • 2021.02.04

    North Star Blue City pays attention to owner experience and highlights service concept

    Recently, the open day for the owners of North Star Blue City Phase II has arrived as scheduled. Xincheng Property has formulated an activity plan in advance for the customer relations department of the ground property, arranged staff work for various positions, and prepared various materials and information to ensure that the open day activities are safe.

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