Haikou Beijing North Star Mansion was awarded the Outstanding Case of Smart Community in the 3rd China Smart Family Summit Forum

Time:2021-05-14 Source:BNS Author:Lv Ren-tao Views: Font:Large InSmall

Digital intelligence empowers, innovation leads. Recently, sponsored by China Electronic Technology Standardization Institute, China Smart Home Ecological Alliance, China Mobile Smart Home Cooperation Alliance, National Audio and Video Standards Committee (SAC/TC242), China Power Jinwang IOT Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., The 3rd China Smart Home Summit Forum, co-organized by the Artificial Intelligence Technology and Industrial Application Committee of the Chinese Society of Automation and other units, was successfully held in Shenzhen.

At the forum, five group standards including the "Smart Home Evaluation Index System" were released, and the 2021 smart home (community) innovative product, excellent platform and demonstration community selection result release ceremony was held. The preliminary formal review and expert letter review were held. , Online review method, according to the three tracks of innovative products, excellent platforms and demonstration communities, a total of 17 outstanding cases were selected for the enterprise application plan. The Beijing North Star House project in the center of Haikou City won the 2020-2021 Smart Home (Community) Excellent case (demonstration community).

The Beijing North Star Mansion project in the center of Haikou city takes low-density life and quality details as the criteria to create a world free trade port life sample. The project provides the owners with an efficient, comfortable, safe, convenient and environmentally friendly living environment through intelligent management such as intelligent parking lot management, 24H closed-circuit monitoring management, face recognition access control system of the whole park, and infrared perimeter alarm system. Owners can use the mobile APP "Beijing North Star hui" to realize community service functions such as online payment, timely receipt of notices, community suggestions, reporting for repairs, etc., which makes property management more convenient while facilitating the owners.

With the group company's deepening of the Hainan Free Trade Port real estate, the idea of an ideal community is also known to more owners. The Beijing North Star House project uses technological means to realize the wisdom of the community and the home, create a high-quality living environment, and lay a solid foundation for spreading the brand influence of Beijing North Star Real Estate and building a star real estate with core competitiveness.