Health & Eldercare

Backed by the overall strength of Beijing North Star, we proactively explore the health industry by combining health, medical care and eldercare service. Centered on eldercare service, in combination with property development, convention and exhibition, property management, health services and other businesses, we develop a wide range of service products, including facility-based eldercare, community-based eldercare and home-based eldercare, and form a health industry value chain where the upstream and downstream are connected and products diversified.

Beginning with facility-based eldercare, we develop services in community-based eldercare, home-based eldercare, and medical care & health care for the elder; we formulate our operation standard of eldercare service based on the "Beijing Service" benchmark service standard; we explore the development pattern of health service sector suitable for Chinese reality and strive to deliver Beijing North Star’s service mix of health and eldercare which is distinctive, profitable, commercial and replicable as the efforts to create Beijing North Star’s elderly care brand.

Also, Beijing North Star attaches great importance to the health and eldercare talent system. Through campus recruitment, project construction, and special training, we begin to build a complete talent training system in project investment, planning, design, construction, operation, and management.

A current project is successfully operated in Changsha, Hunan. It introduced advanced European eldercare service standards. The building project of 25,000㎡opened for business in December 2018 and is equipped with 412 beds.