North Star Real Estate Chengdu City Center successfully delivered three projects in the fourth quarter

Time:2021-02-04 Source:BNS Author:Mao De-Tao Views: Font:Large InSmall

In 2020, "delivery" has become the key word of North Star Real Estate's Chengdu city center. In the fourth quarter, Chengdu City Center successfully delivered three projects, North Star·Guosong Mansion, North Star·Tianlu Yufu, and North Star·Nanhu Xianglu, which provided good support for the long-term development of the company.

From October 22nd to 25th, 2020, North Star·Guosong Mansion delivered centralized delivery, with a visit-to-handover rate of 81%, becoming the project with the highest centralized delivery rate in Renshou area. From a blueprint to a model residence, from a barren land to a beautiful and beautiful mansion, the Guosong Mansion project bears the hard work and hard work of North Star Real Estate. During the construction process, the engineering, design, marketing and other departments worked together to create prerequisites for delivery in terms of project progress and quality control; during the delivery process, the delivery team strictly controlled the delivery process and carefully designed the delivery link. Putting the proprietor’s suggestions and requirements first, won the proprietor’s praise.

From November 27th to 29th, 2020, North Star·Tianlu Yufu concentrated delivery, and the delivery rate of visits exceeded 70%, making it a hardcover project with the highest delivery rate in the region. As the first fine decoration project of Chengdu City Center, Tianlu Yufu's products are mainly based on local area improvement. As a rare flat-floor design in Shuangliu, the market has given high expectations, and the satisfaction of delivery has also become Chengdu City Center The top priority. At the warm delivery site, many owners are satisfied with the product quality, garden landscape, and homecoming service presented at the time of delivery. From the three senses of returning home ceremonies: the gate, the entrance lobby, and the door, to the sunken courtyard with rich layers, and the children's sports park with warm time collection, the owners feel the fullness of Tianlu Palace in the details. Full of warmth.

From December 16th to 20th, 2020, North Star·Nanhu Xianglu centralized delivery, with a delivery rate of 90%. The North Star·Nanhu Xianglu delivered at the end of the year coincided with the re-emergence of local cases of the Chengdu epidemic. In order to effectively prevent and control the epidemic, the Chengdu City Center has made major adjustments and controls on the delivery site to ensure safe and smooth delivery. During the delivery period, strictly control the number of people entering and exiting, organize staff to check body temperature, clean and disinfect regularly, so that the owners who come to hand over the house for house inspection have greater safety guarantee, and they have won wide acclaim from the owners with sincere service.