North Star Blue City pays attention to owner experience and highlights service concept

Time:2021-02-04 Source:BNS Author:Ge Jian Views: Font:Large InSmall

Recently, the open day for the owners of North Star Blue City Phase II has arrived as scheduled. Xincheng Property has formulated an activity plan in advance for the customer relations department of the ground property, arranged staff work for various positions, and prepared various materials and information to ensure that the open day activities are safe.

The three-day event is expected to receive about 1,000 groups of owners, each with an average of 2-3 people, and the total number of receptions will reach more than 2,000-3,000. The epidemic prevention and control is the top priority. Xincheng Property Wuhan Branch is proceeding in an orderly manner in accordance with the work plan. In order to avoid gathering of people, ensure that the entrance to the event is unblocked, and reflect the quality of property management services, the company has set up an infrared thermal imaging camera in the event sign-in area, waiting area and the entrance of the community. , Perform a rapid temperature screening.

On the day of the event, when the owner showed the health code, the infrared thermal imager randomly captured the body temperature, and quickly entered the event site without too much stay. The whole process went smoothly. The subtleties show meticulous property services. The company will always stand at the position of the owner, empathize with the owner, adhere to the service concept of "doing more, for better", and warm every owner with sincere service.