InterContinental Beijing Beichen held a special meeting on preparations for the Winter Olympics

Time:2021-02-04 Source:BNS Author:Su Ning Views: Font:Large InSmall

Recently, General Secretary Xi Jinping went to Beijing and Hebei to inspect and presided over the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics preparation work report. He put forward his firm confidence, work hard, strive for excellence, overcome difficulties, and do his best to do the Beijing Winter Olympics. And the spirit of instruction for the preparation of the Winter Paralympics. Beichen InterContinental Hotel has fully deployed, immediately held a special meeting on preparations for the Winter Olympics service, stepped up efforts to carry out service guarantee, technical guarantee, safety guarantee and other aspects, and continuously improved the level of precision, refined management and service, and contributed to the Winter Olympics and Paralympics. Accumulate experience and make full preparations for safe and efficient operation during the conference.

InterContinental Beichen, as the reception headquarters hotel for the Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics, the hotel’s leadership team combined with the general secretary put forward the requirements of "simple, safe, and exciting" for running the games, adhering to the "green, shared, open, and clean" Olympics The concept, from six aspects: improving political positions, formulating work plans, refining work requirements, subdividing work tasks, two-line promotion of training work, and lean service content, puts forward specific details for the winter Olympic and Paralympic service guarantee work Claim.

The preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympics have entered a critical period. The preparation and service guarantee for the Winter Olympics and Paralympics is a major political task entrusted to us by the Beijing Municipal Party Committee and the company. InterContinental Beichen will continue to enhance the sense of responsibility, mission, and urgency in the preparations, and coordinate the prevention and control of the epidemic, the renovation of guest rooms, and the preparations for the Winter Olympics and Paralympics. Further improve the political position, establish a "one game of chess" thinking and strengthen overall coordination; further optimize the implementation of the service guarantee plan, resolutely implement various tasks; further refine the normalized management of the epidemic, and strictly carry out the investigation and resolution of various hidden risks; further Enhance the sense of responsibility and urgency, strive for perfection, and do a solid job of preparations for the winter Olympic and Paralympic family hotel service guarantees, and will strengthen confidence, work hard, and strive for excellence, and add a wonderful chapter to the "Double Olympics" hotel.