Haikou North Star Mansion's first centralized delivery was successfully completed

Time:2021-02-04 Source:BNS Author:Huang Yan Views: Font:Large InSmall

At the beginning of the new year, North Star Real Estate's first work in Hainan, Haikou North Star Mansion, ushered in its first delivery. The delivery of B6902 plots 1 and 2 buildings, a total of 193 houses, are all hard-covered delivery. During the centralized delivery period, the rate of visits to the house was 93%, which not only won wide acclaim from Haikou home buyers, but also presented the ideal community built by North Star with ingenuity and service characteristics.

In order to ensure the smooth progress of the house delivery, before the formal delivery, North Star Mansion Project Department introduced a third party to conduct a detailed household inspection and risk investigation for each house in advance, and promptly supervised the sales rectification if problems were found. In the preparatory phase, the Customer Relations Department conducted professional skills training for the personnel involved in the delivery, so that each staff member can understand the highlights of the project, the use of facilities and equipment, the surrounding facilities, property management and other related information. Through three centralized delivery simulation exercises, the training knowledge was integrated into practice, and the business operation between construction units, general contractors, and property companies was promoted. At the same time, party building assisted the operation. Party labor group members participated in the whole process to optimize delivery routes and inventory in practice. Sort out the details of the process.

At the delivery site, the prompts are clear and clear, each link is meticulous and rigorous, and the delivery work is orderly. Property, house repair, engineers and other work departments provide owners with stewardship guidance throughout the entire process, one-on-one inspections, and meticulous and patient answers to their questions. The warm and thoughtful service of all the staff, convenient procedures, and considerate inspection and acceptance accompany every family in North Star Mansion to have a pleasant housing reception experience and feel the warmth of returning home.

North Star Mansion is located to the south of Haikou Municipal Government, in the west coast area of Hainan Free Trade Port, which is the key development area of Hainan Free Trade Port. It has obvious geographical advantages. A large number of urban supporting facilities such as cultural and sports, medical care, vacation and industrial innovation have been planned and constructed around the project. North Star Real Estate chooses the optimal location and ingenuity Building, with the advantages of good location, good apartment, good supporting, good service, and refined decoration, it has become a high-quality residential project in Haikou that has attracted much attention from the beginning of the market. The smooth delivery of the first batch of products has established North Star Real Estate’s market reputation and laid a solid foundation for subsequent market work.