The first show of the 2021 Wedding Expo evening ended successfully at the National Convention Center

Time:2021-05-14 Source:BNS Author:Geng Fei Views: Font:Large InSmall

The 2021 China (Beijing) Wedding Expo was successfully held at the National Convention Center at the end of April, with a total exhibition area of 36,500 square meters. This wedding expo is different from the previous one. The daily passenger flow reached 20,000 and the peak time exceeded 30,000. In order to meet the needs of end customers of the wedding expo and stimulate the consumption economy, the organizers made every effort to create a “brilliant night”. "" as the theme of the evening event, extended the exhibition time to 9:30 in the evening. The "Convention Night Economy" was launched for the first time, with remarkable results, and the flow of exhibitors increased by nearly 25% compared with previous years.

In view of the large passenger flow this time, the relevant departments of the company have made targeted improvements and upgrades to the dining environment and dining streamline plan. Two dining areas have been added to the exhibition hall, and guides have been added to the elevator entrances on the north and south sides. The benign “closed-loop” flow of people can effectively avoid crowded crowds during dining hours. In order to enhance the dining experience, an independent dining area of 1,000 square meters was divided into the north side of Hall 6, and the chef team worked overtime to open a "late night canteen" and special set meals for couples who visited the exhibition. The total sales volume exceeded 5,000. In the preparatory stage of the "Wedding Expo", in order to ensure the lighting effect of the venue, the engineering department completed the lighting test and lighting equipment maintenance in a short time. The organizer affirmed the work efficiency and professionalism of the operation team of the National Convention Center.

The "Premier Show at the Exhibition Night" ignited a new scene of night consumption culture at the National Convention Center, not only allowing customers to feel joy in the exhibition, but also providing new ideas for the economic development of the exhibition night.