Create a sports-themed community, form a characteristic real estate brand

Time:2021-05-14 Source:BNS Author:Li Yong Views: Font:Large InSmall

In order to further promote the refined management of the product design of the real estate group, build a better living environment space, use the sports and health theme community as the starting point, create a characteristic real estate brand, and establish the corporate core cultural IP image, the product management center of the real estate group headquarters recently, Officially released the research and development results of the "Guidelines for Standardized Landscape Design of Residential Products of Beijing North Star Real Estate Group".

This design guide includes five sports modules, which are based on the healthy track, the Chenxiaowhale theme children's sports park, the multi-functional sunshine lawn, the elderly fitness field and the professional sports venues. Through the meticulous humanistic care design, it emphasizes that sports lead the society. Philosophy, with excellent product quality, help Beijing North Star Real Estate to form a distinctive real estate brand image.

In the research and development process, designers focus on extracting Beijing North Star sports genes, deeply thinking about the relationship between sports, environment and social in the humanistic community, and through the analysis of professional sports, combined with dynamic and static partition design, guide the development of social habits. At the same time, the brand image of the Real Estate Group was established and the theme IP of "Chen Xiao Whale" was created. From the preliminary concept research to the specific plan design, it was officially released after one year.

In the next step, the Real Estate Group will vigorously consolidate the results of the landing work, as soon as possible to show the lively sports-themed community of Beijing North Star Real Estate.