The first Beijing International Cleaning and Maintenance Exhibition was successfully held at the National Convention Center

Time:2021-05-03 Source:People's Daily Online Author: Views: Font:Large InSmall

On April 19, the first "Beijing International Cleaning and Maintenance Exhibition" (INTERCLEAN CHINA for short) kicked off at the Beijing National Convention Center. INTERCLEAN is the largest exhibition in the global cleaning industry and has been held for more than 50 years. This INTERCLEAN CHINA exhibition is co-sponsored by the Beijing Branch of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, the Amsterdam RAI International Exhibition Group and Beijing Beichen Exhibition Group Co., Ltd., and undertaken by Beijing International Exhibition Center Co., Ltd. and Rui Ang Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., with a total area More than 300 well-known domestic and foreign brands from the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, Spain, Singapore, Sweden and China will participate in the exhibition, covering 18,000 square meters. Many overseas well-known brands and local brands in the industry bring the latest The products were unveiled in full costume, and this exhibition will last until April 21.

At the opening ceremony, the "First ICC Friendship Association" and "INTERCLEAN CHINA Most Contributing Unit" won awards. This exhibition is divided into 8 major sections: equipment, tools, smart cleaning, medicament, high-pressure cleaning, toilets, accessories, and smart management systems. The content of the exhibition covers cleaning equipment, sanitation, smart cleaning, medical and sanitation, steam high-pressure cleaning, windows Cleaning, toilets, garbage classification, cleaning management and mobile solutions, and other related products and accessories, etc., will exhibit clean industry chain products and solutions in a one-stop manner to achieve full coverage of the clean industry chain.

On the opening day, manufacturers, users, supporting service providers and end-user buyers from the cleaning industry conducted in-depth exchanges and contacts through the exhibition. In order to make up for the regret that international audiences were unable to visit the scene due to the epidemic, INTERCLEAN CHINA has specially built an online display and docking platform for international buyers and companies with foreign trade needs. At the same time, the organizing committee pays more attention to the protection of intellectual property rights while supporting innovation. It has specially set up a series of supporting activities such as lectures on intellectual property protection that meet the actual development needs of the enterprise. It also invited experts from disease control, academies, medical institutions, etc. to combine with property Suppliers of cleaning and cleaning equipment, tools and pharmaceuticals conduct supply-demand docking and technical exchanges.

The holding of the first "Beijing International Cleaning and Maintenance Exhibition" will comprehensively promote China's cleaning industry to a new era of intelligent and high-quality development, and help hotels, property and other application scenarios to achieve higher cleaning efficiency and efficiency through the use of new technologies. Standards serve as the link and bridge for exchanges and cooperation in the global cleaning industry.